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I'm retired, I have a modest pension, I prefer my videos to go to people who like them. That is reason I send them out worldwide on free download via WeTransfer. I like to have direct contact with collectors, if you would like a video please send me a nice message. I also would like to emphasise that collecting video art is very rewarding for both the collector and for the video artist. My email is:

Emerging Gracefully

Figure in the landscape

The last vestiges of hope



Some years ago I came across the Poetry Film website: and thought that at a point in the future I would submit some of my work. Sadly the site is moribund I have tried to email the owner Zara Banks but have not received a reply.

All my videos come with a poem either about the video or the reasons I made it and who influenced me. I do not like to deface my work with a poem as sub-titles, it would detract from the appreciation of the images. I also like to create a soundtrack in musical mode using Rob Jackson's Moodscaper iPad apps.

I send the poems out with the video file as PDF's easily read by any PC, tablet or phone and always available to print a hard copy.

By doing this I can create a memory of the poem in the collectors mind which transfers to the video and is enhanced by the sound track.

Well! I hope so :-)