Jem Raid self portrait figurative video artist

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The story of the industrial leotard

Please use headphones for the best quality sound.

I thought of the dereliction brought about by the constantly changing state of manufacturing anywhere in the world. Factories, those who worked in them and the sites they stood on are abandoned.

Mostly there is nothing anyone can do about it, one person's lost job becomes another person's livelihood. I chose to depict this as a series of images with the incongruity of dance related poses in each sequence. I take what's there and dramatise it, I pose in sympathy to the surroundings and as I made this video I thought of the people who once worked on the sites, where are they now? Did they manage to obtain work elsewhere? Does anyone care?

The video is 5 minutes long in 4:3 format.

The video is in HD 720p 960 x 720
Also available in FHD 1080p 1440 x 1080


Shown at the Espacio Enter Festival, Tenerife, Canary Islands during December 2016
As part of  "Aperture" at the Amphitheatre "Melina Mercouri" of the Museum of Byzantine Culture in Thessaloniki 27th to 31st of December 2017.