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My video work is figurative and I am the figure, I make self portraits, montage them and crossfade them in video software.
I sell them directly from this site via PayPal please see the Contact page for details.
Please see this page with advice for potential video art collectors from Christie's
I have a page on Instagram where I post stills and my experiments.

Page two - work in progress

Pydale Wood

I like to walk through woodland and find locations where a figure would fit into the image. Recently I have downloaded some instructions on how to make a Leotard and am now able to make my own, see my Contact page for details about making a pattern for yourself. The garment was first invented by M. Jules Léotard, he was a French acrobatic performer in the 1860's.

I am constantly working on these images and they will be the basis of a new video soon

Scrap figurative

I also like the odds and ends that I encounter in scrap yards and scattered around industrial estates. They are rich sources of textures and objects that can act as a catalyst to my imagination.

Images on this page

Hold your mouse over the pictures or if you are using a phone ot tablet tap the pictures to see the one underneath slowly emerge.

About my videos

My video work consists of montaged still images cross fading into each other and sometimes several layers of images merging at the same time. What I love doing is taking totally unrelated images and putting them together in harmony.

My work is figurative and I am the figure, always available to pose, I wear either a Zentai suit or a leotard to become part of an image rather than its subject.

Videos for sale

I keep my editions small in order to maintain the impetus to create new work.

The format of my videos offered for sale is; UHD, 4K, MP4, 3840 x 2160 as well as a render to FHD, MP4, 1080p both are on each DVD.

They are burned onto archival Verbatim M Disc DVD's with a 1300 year life.

The Cross Fade code is from Rich Bradshaw's Web Site.

Very simple to install and the fade times can be altered easily