Jem Raid self portrait figurative video artist

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Please use headphones for the best quality sound.

All the images for this video were made at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park. Upon our first visit early in 2015 the work that I saw in the landscape set me thinking about making my own figure in the landscape images and so I returned several times to make more images. I decided to make the final images as montages and I posed as the anonymous 'Everyman' and incorporated these into the photographs. I also recorded the sound at the YSP; from the reception area to the far reaches of its five hundred acres. The background sounds are speeded up by a factor of ten I like the effect and think of the slowly changing life of a sculpture, other sounds are as recorded.

I think the whole idea of sculpture in the landscape is at the same time strange and beautiful, the ordinary person like me meeting the extraordinary and I've tried to convey this in the sound track. My ideas evolved as I realised how I could use various software programs and I was able to produce something that reflected my joy in posing, the landscape and the human traits we assign to non human forms.

I have contacted the Senior Curator Dr Helen Pheby and the Communications Manager Nina Rogers at the YSP and they have confirmed that this video may be screened anywhere in the world with the proviso that I do not seek any financial reward.

The video is 9 minutes 7 seconds long in 4:3 format.

The video is in HD 720p 960 x 720
Also available in FHD 1080p 1440 x 1080


The Chelsea Fringe Festival, Oxford House, London. May/June 2016