Jem Raid
The last vestiges of hope





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Please use headphones for the best sound

I thought of dance, my poses are dance related, I am nearer to death than I am to my birth. I used what I see around me, what I am familiar with for my images and altered and merged them and incorporated my own image into these.

Always at the back of my mind as I created the images was the thought that this work ephemeral though it might be could very well survive my own demise. I wanted above all to create something that gave hope with beauty.

This was video of the week at; Le Festival International de Vidéo Danse de Bourgogne, Curated by Marisa Hayes and Franck Boulègue at the Video Dance Center of Burgundy and screened in early May 2016

I made the soundtrack using Rob Jackson's iPad app Moodscaper

The full video is 7 minutes long and rendered to MP4 FHD