Jem Raid self portrait figurative video artist

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My work is figuratively based and so my most valued practioners are listed here.

I am indebted to Catherine McIntyre her superb digital montage art has been a constant inspiration, her words of support have been jewels of wisdom. Anne Brigman and her self image from 1908; The soul of the blasted pine has been a constant companion in my own figurative journey, I feel as though she is my sister in time. I admire the figurative work of Imogen Cunningham and her nude images of husband Roi, made on Mount Rainier in the first decade of the twentieth century. The work of Ruth Bernhard is equally impressive she took the depiction of the female nude into the late twentieth century and her legacy continues in the modern fine art nude

Valdemar Januszczak in the introduction he wrote for Shaun Greenhalgh's autobiography
"..... it's the power of art to bewitch and change, inspire and transform"

Paraphrased from 'Easy Rider' 1969
"People talk a lot about the value of freedom but are actually afraid of anyone who truly exhibits it".

Jacqueline du Pré
"An artist can be at their loneliest in company; and at their fullest, most replete and expansive when alone with their art."

Daniel Barenboim (her husband) said of her, "She was so free, emotional and carefree, not careless, that perhaps she represented what many people in England wished they could be but didn’t quite manage to be."

I'm not some sort of 60's guru I am one of the, 'didn't quite manage to be' variety and I didn't see Easy Rider until July 2016. Those above got there in their 20's 50+ years later they express what I feel and do now, joyfully! It takes everything I've got and fills my mind like nothing else ever has.