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My video work is figurative and I am the figure, I make self portraits and montage them into video footage and still images and then cross fade them into each other. It's an aspect of video making that I like most. My videos are free to screen anywhere in the world.

From 'Emerging Joyfully'
Exhibited videos

An air of silence

Back Alley


Box (nothing fits)

Bricks, Figure, Quarry

Closure, hope, maps, roots, self

Emerging Joyfully


Last vestiges of hope


Not actually there


Story of the industrial leotard


Water Whole

From 'Back Alley'

Videos not yet exhibited


Innocent places - The self revealed

Rock, Face Body

Scraps in threes

Spring in the body

I submit my videos to art calls worldwide and would be delighted to hear from anyone wishing to screen my wotk at a video festival or exhibition. Please send me an email.

I continue to make videos as ideas emerge from within and from ideas and themes suggested in art calls.

Latest request for screening.

Digitalbigscreen 2017
Gallery DDT
14th - 16th September

Curated by Spela Pavli Perko

For many months I have thought about performance video art, until now I have posed for self portrait still images and incorporated them in to my videos. I looked at dance and I looked at various far eastern exercise methods, they appear to me to be too rigid in their execution, I came across free form and decided this was for me, something I could do myself.

I am self taught and once I have the germ of an idea I will take it on board in my own way. I've taken these ideas to begin some performance video art, I love woodland, I love the landscape they are to me ideal locations. I make my own costumes and love the freedom of movement they give me. I like to do this solo where I am at one with the nature that surrounds me and can feel the slowly repeating cycle of life.

I am indebted to Leah Franklin whose video I saw on You Tube and who has inspired me to begin to make my own.

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