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For a couple of years I entered calls for video art which resulted in the twenty two screenings below. I began to realise that although it's very nice to have these they are very impersonal. A year or so later I realised that I might be able to have personal contact with new or established video collectors, hence this web site.


USB Shuffle Show
Institut für alles mögliche,
 Berlin, Germany
January 27th - 28th
"Back Alley"

Art in Dream Project
1st to 31st January
"Back Alley"

Out of the Blue
Greylight Projects
Burgemeester Kessenplein 1
6431 KM Hoensbroek, Heerlen, The Netherlands
1st January until 26th February
"An air of silence"

121&1 short silent film festival
In honour of the world's first movie screening
by the Lumiere brothers.
Gate 3 Gallery, Downtown Haifa, Israel
From the 19th February

Royal Flush
The Drama Department
Queen Mary University
Thursday 27 April
and at the
Live Art Event
Bethnal Green Working Men’s Club
Saturday 29 April
"Emerging Joyfully"


The Gallery at 35 Chapel Walk
Sheffield S1 2PD

Institut fur alles mogliche,   fur alles andere, Ackerstr. 18, Berlin-Mitte, Germany
'Closure, Hope, Maps, Roots, Self'

East Bristol Contemporary, Trinity Arts Centre, Trinity Road, Bristol, BS2 0NW
6 of my videos to be sold in support of the gallery.

Lemonade Gallery
Windsor, UK
Two of my videos;
'Closure Hope Maps Roots Self'
and 'Last vestiges of hope'

Filmideo 2016
Index Art Center, Washington Street
Newark, New Jersey
'Last vestigesof hope'

Video Dance Center of Burgundy
Le Festival International de Vidéo Danse de Bourgogne
Screened in early May as their video of the week.
'The last vestiges of hope'


Wake UP!
ArtvideoKOELN & The New Museum of Networked Art
Self images - artists show face against, Intolerance, Xenophobia and Racism
Online exhibition
"Emerging joyfully"

Online magazine May issue
"Water Whole"

Digitalbigscreen Festival 2017
Gallery DDT
14th - 16th September

Screened in the frame of Biennale 6 of Thessaloniki, Greece, as part of the parallel program of the Biennale
The screenings will take place 27-31 of December 2017 at the Amphitheatre "Melina Mercouri" of the Museum of Byzantine Culture in Thessaloniki, Greece
"The story of the industrial leotard"

Artists Moving Image Festival
One minute films/videos
Venues include CARN - Balaclava Road Caernarfon, Studio 12 - Parc Glynllifon and Barn - Ty Coch Nature Reserve. North Wales.
Friday 23th - Sunday 25th February 2018
"Time light"

The Chelsea Fringe Festival
Oxford House, Derbyshire Street
London E2 6HG
25th May to 6th June
'Not actually there'

The New Bohemian Gallery
Brainerd, USA
8th to 23rd July
'Box (nothing fits)'
and 'Bricks Figure Quarry'

Bideodromo Festival 2016
Bilbao, Spain
At the Bilbao Arte Art Production Center, the Sarean Cultural Center and the French Institute of Bilbao,
The 9th until the 23rd September

Langestraat 56, Enschede,
The Netherlands
From Saturday August 8th until October 9th

Art undressed
Miami, Florida, USA
26th to 28th November
'Nude in the landscape'

Espacio Enter Festival
Canary Islands
December 12-18
'The story of the industrial Leotard'

Sadly there are a lot of scams out there, I didn't mind paying $10 for an entry to something that was bona fide. When I was asked for $50 and upwards to have my work looked at I began to think scam.

Unfortunately those with more money than sense and who want a vanity screening just to put it in their portfolios cough up the dosh.

The worst offender is Mr Luca Curci who accepts everyones work straightaway and asks for €300 and upwards for it be screened.

He's been doing this since 2009 with his It's Liquid and Art Expo art calls, fortunately I found this when he tried to scam me for the first time: