Jem Raid self portrait figurative video artist

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Please use headphones for the best quality sound.

After many years of single image photography I decided to teach myself digital art montage. I'd prevaricated for thirteen years thinking it to be a mountain of expertise I couldn't possibly climb. Eventually I became so angry at my failure I put everything else to one side and plunged into it.

This led me to the before and the after of montage making, I was delighted to find some CSS code that would cross fade two images. From there I found that cross fading single images could be made into videos. Having started with one idea in mind I have reappeared at the other end with something which is to me entirely different and opening up a whole realm of possibilities.

I began making montages with the desire to make figurative images and started by using unrelated background images and merging them in different ways. As I progressed the idea of the anonymous 'Everyman' emerged, so I posed for the figurative images wearing a coverall body suit.

This video is from some of my earliest montages with background images taken from areas local to my home. The first one from a local quarry and the woodland above it and the last from the site of an old mine dating back to Roman times.

The sound is a combination of a recording made with the microphone placed outside our house and one of Ray Wilson's 'Music from outer space' "Weird sound generator" drone synthesiser which I constructed myself.

What I enjoyed most about making this and similar videos is the long crossfades they reveal my thoughts and technique as they slowly unfold.

The video is 8 mins 20 secs long in 4:3 format.

The video is in HD 720p 960 x 720
Also available in FHD 1080p 1440 x 1080


The Gallery at 35 Chapel Walk, Sheffield S1 2PD. January 2016