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My video work is figurative and I am the figure, I make self portraits, montage them and crossfade them in video software.
I sell them on the Saatchi Art site in very small limited editions of three or five my page on the site is here.

Latest video 'Watch'

It is five minutes long and in an edition of five with two artists proofs and will be shipped in a hand crafted case.

I found some old watch faces that could be downloaded free, I like to use the mechanical representation of time in my work but had never made it the subject of a video. An X and shadows from a basketball court I walked past on the way to the shops, splodges of paint from the side of a rubbish skip found on an industrial estate, from the basis of a couple of the sequences.


The video is for sale in an edition of three and is 4 minutes 55 seconds long

My intention with this video is to show work that is androgynous, anonymous and cuts across the erroneously perceived divides that many feel separate us.
I thought of the countryside I live near to, the scrap yards, industrial estates and industrial areas also near to me. I like to make images in these locations and in this video I combine the two with interlocking montages. I always find it surprising that I can get such a range of colour from the most mundane objects I find scattered about and abandoned. The sound is one of YouTubes free to use tracks that I remixed myself using the free program Audacity.

'Back alley'

The video is for sale in an edition of three and is 5 minutes long

This is my take on the Back Alley made from lots of images taken in one in Nottinghamshire. It is part nightmare part hopeful of overcoming its own shortcomings as a place to live and work. It's a place that most people walk past without a second glance and there it stays melded into the local community, in equal measures a dump for rubbish, a home for those who live at the back or above shops and businesses and a shortcut for those who live adjacent to it. Unkempt for the most part, bits added to the rear of the buildings that front the main road with utility uppermost in the minds of both the builders and the commissioners.

My work is figurative and I am the figure, from anonymous to revealed, like the inhabitants of the alley. Some slink by, some say hello, some ask what I do, others scowl, some smile knowingly. The alley is a microcosm of human activity in the fashion of a village.

And yet for me it was a gold mine of the unexpected, of textures and rubbish that form abstract patterns when isolated by my camera, making a canvas for the montaged introduction of a figure.

Images on this page

Please hover with your mouse or touch to see the image change from 'before' to 'after'. These are still images taken directly from the timeline of each video and give a flavour of my videos content.

The simple slide show below shows the type of case I make for each video.

About my videos

My video work consists of montaged still images cross fading into each other and sometimes several layers of images merging at the same time. What I love doing is taking totally unrelated images and putting them together in harmony.

My work is figurative and I am the figure, always available to pose, I wear a cover all or Zentai suit to create an anonymous persona and become part of an image rather than its subject.

Videos for sale

I keep my editions small in order to maintain the impetus to create new work.

The format of my videos offered for sale is; UHD, 4K, MP4, 3840 x 2160 as well as a render to FHD, MP4, 1080p both are on each DVD.

Two   Three   Four   Back

Video cases

I use the Japanese Stab Binding technique to make the cases.
Descriptions and CoA's are bound into them
The DVD's are in a 3mm inner case.

The Cross Fade code is from Rich Bradshaw's web site.

Very simple to install and the fade times can be altered easily

Simple slideshow code

I am very grateful to Mr J S Chever for the simple slide show. It can be seen on this page or in exchange for a nice message, directly from me.

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